• krakowska ulica

    Krakow sightseeing tours – a possibility to get to know better the city, which used to be home of the Polish kings.

    History for many people is believed to be a quite attractive area. It is proved by the fact that considering it provides us an opportunity to compare how we live these days with the conditions in the field of living decades or centuries ago. In addition, we may quickly observe that no matter of the era and technological development we may find out that there are some things that don’t change throughout the time.
  • Polish for foreigners Warsaw – how can this option support foreigners in making their dreams of organized life come true?

    Polish for foreigners Warsaw probably according to the thoughts of significant number of people isn’t something that everybody would advise for instance citizens of countries such as Belgium, Germany or Great Britain. It is proved by the fact that this kind countries are thought to be significantly more professionally developed in economic terms than Poland, which indicates that the living conditions there tend to be much more convincing. On the other side, it is not a general rule and not everybody finds living in a quite wealthy country as positive as it can seem to be. It is indicated by the fact that, firstly, not everyone is able to find employment in his country.

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