Why sneakers are so attractive among girls?

A few years ago, many women didn’t even own sneakers in their wardrobe, unless they were really interested in sport activities. These days, the trend is quite different. A lot of women not only repeatedly have more than one pair of sneakers, but also wear it very often! Women wearing sneakers could be effortlessly found not only on Sunday on bike trip, but also in libraries, cinemas and even pubs and clubs! This illustrates, that sneakers are being worn as well as that they could be worn seriously everywhere! What has happened? What may be the reasons for such big change?

Ways to wear your sneakers if you are guy

A short time ago, sneakers were worn just inside the gym or for various sport activities. Guys, who were wearing it on the daily basis, e.g., when heading to the city, were repeatedly seen as frowsly as well as non-stylish. Nowadays, this is completely different. Wearing sneakers shoes are now so popular, that every guy should own at least one pair in the wardrobe. However, if you want to look good in sneakers shoes and be seen as a fashionable man, and not like a somebody with no taste, you need to be aware about some things first.